A Quick Guide to Planning a Bathroom Remodel

A Quick Guide to Planning a Bathroom Remodel
Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Your bathroom’s old fixtures, dated colors, and worn carpentry might be showing their age. Or maybe you’ve had the same bathroom since you moved in and you’ve decided it’s time for a change. There’s no wrong reason for a bathroom remodel, but there is a right way to plan one. Based on more than a decade providing bathroom remodeling services to the Phoenix area, here are some helpful suggestions from ArDan Construction LLC.

Figure Out Your Budget

Realistically, it all starts here. If your budget is limited to the cash you have on hand and you’re only working with $2,500, your options will likewise be limited. If you’ve taken out a home equity loan or if you’re a Scottsdale property manager with the resources of a company behind you, you have the kind of leeway that a higher budget commands. In either case, however, knowing what you can afford in terms of materials and labor is going to dictate a lot of what follows.

Decide on Your Goals

Some homeowners are remodeling because they want to modernize their home before selling. Others may just need a quick refresh to flip a home, while still more may seek to make extensive structural changes for an eye-popping master bathroom. The clearer you are on your aims, the easier it will be to plan and execute the remodel.

“Decode” Your Space

Every bathroom remodel we’ve performed has contained both opportunities and challenges. Sometimes we’re constrained not only by the size and shape of the bathroom, but also by the rooms around it. Other times, an ambitious homeowner is willing to make changes to the rooms abutting a bathroom or half-bath in order to realize their vision, taking on a bathroom remodel alongside a kitchen remodel or other project. A bathroom design consultation can give you a clearer picture of what’s possible, and what works best given your goals.

Figure Out Your Schedule

Done correctly, a bathroom remodel isn’t usually a quick project. While we pride ourselves on efficiency, we’ll compromise on speed before we compromise on quality. We’ll work with you to time everything — from ordering to demolition through to completion — to minimize inconvenience, but if we’re remodeling the only bathroom you’ve got, we do suggest making alternate arrangements.

Check for Potential Hidden Issues

It’s usually advisable to fully gut the space and start over from scratch. However, you should be aware that problems like mold damage, water damage, and rot may be uncovered during that process; and they need to be addressed, and should be built into your budget.

Choose Your Contractor

Once you’ve determined the scope of your bathroom remodel, it’s time to choose the contractor who will do the job. We’ve written on the subject of choosing the right remodeling contractor, and suggest that you follow those steps (and choose carefully) whether or not you utilize our services.

Check, and Double-Check

Once you’ve chosen your contractor, gotten an itemized estimate and a tentative schedule, make sure you go over the steps above again. Nobody — not your contractor, nor their subcontractors, and certainly not you — wants any surprises later. While it’s always possible to make adjustments on the fly, it’s almost always faster and easier to do so before work starts.

If you’re in the planning stages of a bathroom remodel, it helps to have someone knowledgeable in your corner. ArDan Construction will conduct a free consultation, during which we can discuss your needs, your budget, and any potential issues we see, helping you plan and execute your remodel on time and on budget. Contact us for a bathroom remodeling consultation today!