How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?
Monday, January 14, 2019

Are you tired of living with a bathroom that has cracked tiles and a sink for one when at least two people use the restroom every morning? If you’re over being jabbed with your partner’s elbow every morning when you’re trying to brush your teeth and sick of your bathroom’s outdated look, we know exactly what you need. And it’s a bathroom remodel.

Planning for a Bathroom Renovation

You’ve set your budget. You’ve made arrangements to use another restroom in your home. You have a basic idea of the look and functionality you want your remodeled bathroom to have. You even managed to find time to remove all your personal belongings from your restroom, including your spare towels and all the things you’d forgotten were stowed beneath your vanity.

Is that all you have to do to prepare for a bathroom renovation? No, there’s still more to do. One of the things that’s still on your to-do list is to prepare a timeline for your upcoming project.

If all the stars align, a bathroom remodel may not take as long as you might think. If everyone shows up on time every day, all of the materials necessary to complete the job are available when needed, and you don’t make any changes to your design, it’s not unreasonable to expect a bathroom renovation to be done in a little over three weeks if work continues through the weekends.

If conditions are as they’re described above but work doesn’t continue through the weekends, it will take about 4 ½ weeks to complete a small bathroom renovation. Because there are so many unknowns with renovations no matter how well they’re planned out, however, it’s more realistic to double that timeline to account for various contingencies that may arise.

Types of Builders

Unfortunately, there are many factors that may inhibit the stars’ ability to align and which, in turn, can derail your timeline. One of the biggest factors is the builder you choose for your project.

In general, there are two types of builders. The first kind of builder is an outfit that takes on one project at a time. This means tradespeople will work on your bathroom remodel exclusively until it’s finished.

The more common type of builder is one that will work on multiple projects at once. While the builder’s workers are constantly working on something, they may rotate from one project to another one before your renovation is done entirely.

It’s important to understand that one type of builder isn’t better than the other. They simply have different approaches to the projects they take on. Although that’s the case, working with a builder that takes on more than one job at a time may require more time to complete your bathroom renovation. The tradeoff is that this kind of builder may have more specialized tradespeople for every stage of your project.

Work with a Bathroom Remodeling Company You Can Trust

The builders you have to choose from can often be distinguished in another way – by the amount of respect they have for your home. At ArDan Construction LLC, we know we’re working in your private space when we take on a bathroom renovation project. That’s why we treat our clients’ homes and property with the utmost respect.

We do everything possible to make the process go smoothly. We’re your trusted partner who has the skills necessary to make your home even more comfortable and enjoyable for your family and guests.

To hire an experienced bathroom remodeling company you can trust, contact ArDan Construction LLC today.

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