Top Six Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Top Six Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design
Monday, June 18, 2018

Contemplating a kitchen redesign? It all starts with the right cabinets. After all, not only are they important from a functional perspective (you need someplace for all those gadgets, spices, pots, pans, and that stash of rubber bands you’ve been stockpiling since 1988), they also do more than nearly any other element to dictate the look and style of your kitchen. Here are a few trends that we can incorporate into your kitchen for a successful remodel.

Natural Woods and Light Colors

Oak cabinets fell out of favor some time ago, but they’re making a comeback. This time, their shape is simpler and their finish lighter. Even those opting for painted cabinets and engineered woods are gravitating toward the brighter side of the spectrum because it keeps the kitchen looking light, airy, and inviting. That’s good news, since you’ve got more options for new kitchen cabinets right now than at any other time.

Light and Glass

Of course, there’s more than one way to keep a kitchen looking bright. Glass cabinet fronts give you the benefits of open shelving (namely, visibility so you’re not hunting for the items you need) and cabinets as well (a less-cluttered look, less stuff to dust). The falling price of LED lighting is making it popular for lighting cabinet interiors, and for accent lighting under cabinets.

Built-in Appliances

We’ve all seen (and many of us have) kitchens where a toaster oven is cheek-by-jowl with the KitchenAid mixer, which is jostling for position with a microwave oven, which has a coffee grinder on top of it, right next to the Keurig that’s one careless brush away from falling on the tile floor. A trend toward built-in appliances that free up counter space is becoming more and more the norm. Microwave ovens, counter-depth refrigerators, and even flat-screen TVs can easily be integrated in your installation.

Creative Mismatching

Your kitchen need not look like an operating room, with everything uniform and sterile. Just like you’d set off a plain button-down shirt with a patterned tie or scarf, you can use contrasting color to great effect with a kitchen island or select cabinets to draw the eye into the room and give your living space a sense of depth.

Attractive Ornamentation

Cabinets also don’t need to be nondescript. If you’ve ever been in an older home, one thing that caught your eye was likely the craftsmanship and small finishing touches on cabinets, china cabinets, and furniture. A bit of scrollwork or some faux feet can keep things visually interesting. So can an installation that lets your storage mimic furniture like hutches and sideboards.

In-Cabinet Storage

Drawers and cabinets don’t just have to be boxes with a shelf or divider or two. There are many ways to integrate anything from pull-outs to Bluetooth speakers or special charging cubbies for electronics. The possibilities are constantly growing and changing. reminds us that a kitchen remodel is “one of the costliest (and most cost-effective) improvements you can make to your home.” While the costs ought not to be overlooked, in other words, neither should the benefits. A kitchen remodel done right starts with a call to ArDan Construction for a Phoenix home remodeling consultation. Contact us today!