Casitas and Guest Houses

Do you have the home you have always dreamed of? Do you enjoy having guests over for extended periods of time? Are your parents getting elderly and you want them close by? Perhaps you have a son or daughter or another family member that needs a place to live?

There are many reasons you could consider building a casita on your property. There are many unique challenges to building a guest home on your Scottsdale or Cavecreek property. There are power, plumbing and sewer requirements that we need to take in consideration. In Scottsdale, there are many areas that have NAOS requirements (Natural Area Open Space) that we need to consider when designing the footprint of the site plan.

There are many questions, and we are here to help! With our professional services agreement, we can work together to find out answers to all of your questions, and more importantly, bring up questions and research answers that you may not even be thinking about!

Top Questions to Ask a Contractor

We've compiled a list of questions based on years of experience to help owners like you find a quality contractor for your project.

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